Lamb skin with Hair


Composition: 100% Lamb Skin with Hair

Analytics:  Protein 55.8%, Fat 32.5%, Ash 2.23%, Moisture 7.04%

As these are a natural product, size and colour may vary


Our lamb skin with hair is the ideal treat for dogs who crave a delicious and nutritious snack. Made from 100% pure lamb, this treat offers a unique and satisfying chewing experience that your dog will love.

Features & Benefits:

  • Natural Dental Care: The hair on the lamb helps clean your dog’s teeth and gums as they chew, promoting healthy chewing habits and maintaining excellent dental hygiene.
  • Mental Stimulation: Chewing on the tough lamb head skin provides essential mental stimulation for your dog, helping to keep them occupied and reduce boredom. This can also help prevent destructive chewing behaviours by offering a positive and engaging outlet.
  • Pure and Natural: Our lamb skin with hair contains no artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours, ensuring that your pet enjoys the highest quality treat possible. You can feel confident knowing that your dog is consuming a natural and wholesome snack.
  • 100% Pure Lamb: Sourced from premium lamb, our head skin treats are rich in natural flavours and nutrients, making them a healthy choice for your furry friend.

Why Choose lamb skin with hair?

  • Healthy Chewing: Supports dental health by naturally cleaning teeth and gums.
  • Engaging and Entertaining: This keeps dogs mentally stimulated and reduces the risk of boredom-related behaviours.
  • Natural Ingredients: Free from artificial additives, providing a pure and nutritious treat.

The Ultimate Chew for Your Dog

Give your dog the best with our lamb skin with hair. This natural and healthy treat is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds, offering a delicious and beneficial chewing experience. Keep your dog’s teeth in great condition and their minds sharp with this unique and tasty snack. Treat your pet and watch them enjoy the benefits of a natural, high-quality treat.

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Lamb skin with Hair