Your go-to destination for wholesale dog products. We are dedicated to
providing high-quality goods to meet the needs of our valued wholesale
customers. At Simply Canine, we understand that every business has
unique requirements, which is why we offer three distinct wholesale
options: white label, private label, and wholesale.
Our white label programme allows you to easily purchase our exceptional
dog products with our branding. By choosing this option, you can
effortlessly stock your store shelves or online shop with trusted and
reputable merchandise, making it convenient for you to offer your
customers top-of-the-line products.
For those looking to establish their own brand identity, our private label
programme is the ideal choice. We provide a range of customisable dog
products that can be uniquely branded with your company logo and
With Private Label, you have the opportunity to create a distinct presence in the market, meet specific customer demands, and build a loyal customer base around your personalised products.

In addition to our white label and private label options, we also offer traditional wholesale pricing. This means you can purchase our products in larger quantities at discounted prices without any specific branding requirements. Whether you own a pet store, grooming salon, or run an online business, our wholesale programme ensures you have access to high-quality dog products at competitive prices.

We curate a diverse range of products at Simply Canine, crafting them with care and attention to detail. Our extensive collection caters to the diverse needs of dog owners and enthusiasts, offering nutritious dog treats, premium grooming supplies, stylish accessories, and more.

Our commitment doesn’t end with providing quality products; we also prioritise customer satisfaction. With competitive pricing, reliable customer service, and fast shipping, we strive to make your wholesale buying experience as seamless as possible.

Explore our website to browse our wholesale offerings and discover the perfect fit for your business. Join the growing list of satisfied wholesale partners who trust Simply Canine for their dog product needs and experience the quality, convenience, and success that come with working with us.

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